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Lawns and Gardens Maintenance

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Your workplace should immediately reflect the high standards and reputation of your business when visitors and staff arrive on site. So your surroundings matter, not just the appearance of spaces inside your facility. With Fiacon’s painless property cleaning and maintenance services, a well-presented environment around your workspace is guaranteed at all times for full Lawn and Garden Care.

Neat and Tidy

Neat and Tidy

Fiacon offers solutions to meet all your landscaping needs. We look after trees, lawns, gardens and other outdoor areas, ensuring that your whole facility appears neat and tidy for the enjoyment of your visitors and staff. We can even design and lay out new garden or landscaped areas and fill them with hardy, attractive, suitable plants to give pleasure and shade.



If gardens are going to survive our long, hot summers, they need effective mulching to retain water below the surface. A wide variety of mulches is available and Fiacon’s team of experts can advise, supply and apply the most suitable ones for your exterior spaces, always being aware of your budget’s bottom line.



Gardens can so easily become overgrown and neglected. Fiacon keeps them aesthetically appealing through professional pruning, weeding, feeding and re-planting as needed, so they will really enhance the appearance of your property.

Lopping and Pruning

Pruning, Lopping and Felling

Bushes and trees can become unsightly or even potentially dangerous. The professional team from Fiacon can lop and prune your gardens, so that both the aesthetics and the safety of your outdoor areas is restored. We can even arrange for trees to be removed in appropriate situations.

Weeding Services


If you have more clover and weeds than lawn, or your gardens are filled with flowering dandelion weeds and your fences or perimeter areas are untidy with grass and other misplaced plants, Fiacon can help. We treat all weeds on a bi-monthly basis, making sure there is minimal damage to any other plants in the affected area. Weed removal makes all the difference.

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From time to time, plants, shrubs or even trees can stop flowering, wither or die. Fiacon’s experienced staff can suggest and provide suitable replacements, always with an eye to future maintenance, which they are happy to continue as long as you wish.



If your lawns are turning yellow and your plants look limp, untidy and unhealthy, Fiacon can revive them with a good dose of fertiliser, dug into the soil or sprinkled across the surface. Different fertilisers suit different needs, and our knowledgeable team can offer you an appropriate solution that fits within your budget.



In less developed areas, the surroundings may require the services of a slasher, rather than a landscaper, or perhaps, slashing may be needed prior to the development of a new garden area. Fiacon can provide OH &S approved workers and equipment.

Top Dressing

Top Dressing

Hard soils with high clay content are nutrient poor. Lawns and gardens in such soils do not thrive; their roots finding it very hard even to penetrate below the surface. Fiacon offers you appropriate top dressing with well-balanced mixes in order for your plants to look their best.

Rubbish Removal Services

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish can build up on your property. It can be wind-blown, the result of careless littering or related to activities that are part of your business. You can rely on Fiacon to collect and dispose of it appropriately, so that the space around your buildings is always clean and attractive.

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