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Building and Trades Services

Many services — one company — painless experience

Don’t waste time waiting for maintenance contractors to return your call. Let Fiacon manage the process for you.

How We Help Reduce Your Vendor List

Fiacon Property Services wants to take the stress out of the day-to-day running of your business. One of the ways we do this is to manage the ongoing maintenance of the property. We take on the responsibility of coordinating the on-site movements of trades and workmen. We organise for delivery and supply of materials. We schedule and maintain regular repairs and upkeep of key services. Here’s what we can do for you:


Fiacon can assist you with all your fencing needs. Your business and property will be fenced using high quality materials and tradesmen.

Floor Covering

Fiacon can provide you with a one stop shop floor covering service from choosing the right type of flooring to the laying and finish.

Alarms & CCTV

Fiacon can take care of your security needs. Your business security is our priority. We can advise and install the right Alarm & CCTV to protect your property.


Fiacon can enhance the street appeal of your business with a quality landscaping service. The outside of your business will be maintained to the highest standard.


Fiacon provide a quality gate service. The entry to your business should be customised to your needs and keep your business and property secure.

Fire Services

Fiacon will keep your fire services tested and maintained. This will ensure your property and employees work in the safest environment in the event of a fire.

Air Conditioning

Fiacon can provide you with an air conditioning service that will install, repair or maintain your air conditioning to a high standard.

Rubbish Removal

Fiacon have all the answers for your rubbish removal. We will keep your business or strata units looking clean and hygienic at all times.


Fiacon can deal with those unexpected events. Our glazing service will provide prompt, efficient repair or installation.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Fiacon understand commercial bathroom and kitchens. For that renovation or upgrade we can provide a quality renovation solution that meets your specific needs.

Asbestos Survey

Fiacon can undertake a survey of your business to locate any asbestos issues that may need attention.

Laundry Services – Uniforms

Fiacon provide an efficient laundry service that will ensure your employees are looking their best in clean uniforms every day.


Fiacon take the worry out of cleaning those blinds. They will be removed, cleaned, repaired and re-installed with minimal impact.

Handyman Services

Fiacon has a complete handyman service. No job is too big or small and will keep your business well maintained at all times.

Asbestos Removal

Fiacon provide an asbestos removal service that is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Tea Towel Service

Fiacon provide a laundry service to ensure your employees have access to clean tea towels in their meal rooms.

Window Tinting

Fiacon Window Tinting Service treats internal windows creating private office spaces that look good too.

Carpentry & Joinery

Fiacon Carpentry & Joinery service is an experienced commercial team who understanding all OH&S requirements of a commercial site.


Fiacon provide a Demolition service that will deliver a clean site ready for renovation or development.

Floor Mats Service

Fiacon Floor Mat Service means visitors to your premises and your staff step on clean mats every day.


Fiacon provide a complete plumbing service for renovations, repairs and maintenance. We keep your pipes healthy.


Fiacon Plastering service means your walls and ceilings are finished to a high level of quality ready for painting.

First Aid Kits

Fiacon can install First Aid Kits to all areas of your business. The health and safety of your staff and visitors is our priority.

Waste Services – All Types

Fiacon Waste Service will take care of all your waste removal needs. We remove your paper, glass, metal or organic materials.


Fiacon can provide you with a complete roofing service. We can install a new roof as well as repair and maintain existing roofs.


Fiacon Painting Service has all your needs covered. A high quality finish will be delivered on your walls & ceilings.

Tree Looping & Felling

Fiacon have a service that takes into account the safety of your property and anyone work works or visits with quality tree lopping and felling.

Bathroom Supplies

Fiacon provide an efficient bathroom supply service. Your visitors and staff will have access to bathroom supplies at all times.


Fiacon understand the specific requirements of a commercial shed. We can build, repair or maintain your commercial shed.

Line Marking

Fiacon Line Marking Service will achieve a quality look for your commercial property. People will know where to drive, park and walk.

Weed Control

Fiacon Weed Control Service will give you peace of mind that your weeds are under control and your visitors and staff are protected.

Lady Sanitary Bins

Fiacon have a quality Lady Sanitary Bin service. You don’t have the worry of ensuring every woman has the comfort of a clean service.


Fiacon have an experienced commercial team who understand the importance of a well constructed awning for your business.

Test & Tagging

Fiacon provide a Test and Tagging service that enables you to meet all OH&S standards and timelines for testing.

Lawns & Gardens Maintenance

Fiacon have a team of qualified gardeners who will maintain your lawns and gardens to a high standard.

Sharps Containers

Fiacon provide a service that will dispose of all sharps containers and replace with fresh containers protecting your staff and visitors.


Fiacon provides an experienced concrete service ensuring your finished surface enhances your business.


Fiacon can assist with all your electrical needs. Your electrical supply requirements will be met with the highest regard for safety.


Fiacon Slashing services will keep your commercial or strata property looking well kept and appealing.

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