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FAQs for Fiacon Cleaning & Property Services

If engage Fiacon’s services, will we be caught in a lock-in contract?

Not at all. At Fiacon, we believe in flexible agreements, not fixed-term Contracts.

Our preference is for an open-ended agreement that continues until you give us notice to terminate. This provides you with flexibility. Fiacon’s focus on integrity and excellence in communication and delivery to clients, means you’ll have no concerns.

If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!

What are Fiacon’s payment terms?

Monthly payments are invoiced on the 1st of each month for the work completed in the previous month.

We appreciate payment being finalised with 30 days of the end of the month.

Do prices vary?

Generally, there are only 3 occasions where prices are altered:

Changed Cleaning Requirements:
Because businesses are dynamic, routine cleaning needs may evolve from time to time – perhaps involving fewer or more tasks or areas. We take our instructions regarding these changes from you. As a result, prices will be subject to modifications.

Annual Price Review & CPI
Every year in May, Fiacon reviews the effects of various cost increases in our business. Our prices normally rise by a fraction of the CPI for the previous twelve months. Such proposed increases will be announced to you by both a letter and an email, and increases will take effect on 1st July each year. This way, you have two full months to plan for the increase to your budget for the coming year.

Does Fiacon provide a scope of works?

We always provide tailored scope of works for each site. We believe each site has unique working environments and requirements. Each Scope is very specific to cater to all these.

The scope forms an integral part of our cleaners site induction. As we go through your specific requirements. This way – before we even start cleaning our cleaners know exactly is required to make you happy.

What safety policies do you have in place?

We love our workers and each of them is regarded as family. They are wonderful people with families, partners and most with children. They are all working hard to provide a better future for themselves and their families. And together with you, we love being a part of that. In doing so, together with our clients we will do EVERYTHING possible to make sure their work and their work environment is safe. We believe and are committed to ZERO harm to our people!

We are continually improving the way we educate, induct, and Audit Safety on our Clients sites

Safe Work Method Statements:

(SWMS) are site-specific and are carried out in consultation with our cleaning teams. Each Cleaner is inducted to this and signs these documents. Original is always kept in Fiacon Folder on your Site

Safe Work Practices:

(SWP) are regularly reviewed and updated as required

Safety Data Sheets:

(SDS) for each chemical used on our sites are provided at Induction

Coloured Coded Cleaning Equipment:

We use colour coded Cleaning Microfiber Rags, Mop Heads and Mopping Buckets

Electrical Equipment:

Are all tested and tagged as prescribed by testing authority. We also use RCD on all our electrical Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment:

. Long Sleeve Shirts: Long Sleeve, High Visibility Orange with Reflective Tape
. Long Pants
. Steel Capped Safety Boots
. Hard Hats: Orange with reflective tape
. Safety Glasses

Hazard Reporting:

Our Cleaners and our Account Managers are trained to use their fresh eyes on your site as we clean and perform our Audits. We will identify any Hazards noticed to you in writing and immediately if serious

Incident Reporting:

All incidents and near misses will be reported to you in writing immediately. We have our own forms for this in our site folders, we can also use your forms that are shown to us during your site specific safety inductions

What Insurances do you have in place at Fiacon?

Fiacon is fully covered for Public and Product Liability up to $20million for any one occurrence, so as to protect the interests of both parties. (NOTE: This amount can be increased to suit your individual requirements, and your company can be listed as an interested party on our policy documents on request.)

We also have Product Liability cover up to twenty million dollars, and, as above, this amount is negotiable in specific situations, as is adding your company’s name to our policy.

Our Workers’ Compensation processes are fully compliant with all legislative stipulations. Copies of Certificates of Currency for each of the above policies is available on request.

Is it possible for clients to communicate directly with your cleaners?

For small jobs, cleaners can be contacted through our highly effective communication log (accessible in the Site Folder)

Larger requests or any concerns for each site can be addressed through a single point of contact at Fiacon. Our account managers supervise each site and their contact information will be given to you at the commencement of our agreement.

You claim to make our cleaning and property maintenance “painless” for us. How is this possible?

Fiacon’s values underpin everything we do and our aim is to take the pressure off you.

Firstly, we scope the job accurately, and allow adequate time for our staff to complete it well.

Secondly, we pay our staff fairly and their reliable, professional efforts for you reflect our fair practice.

Thirdly, our own margins are modest, so your budget is not unreasonably affected. Our work is consistently of great standard, and responsibly audited.

Finally, the large range of services we offer you, means that you can call on us to assist with everything on your property. You know we will deal with it proactively, efficiently and pleasantly, no matter whether it is a large or a small matter. We take pride in our professionalism and in your satisfaction with seeing your work space both looking its best and operating safely.

Looking for reliable, professional and affordable cleaning & building and trades services?

Fiacon continues to work with some of the most reputable companies Australia wide, from household names to smaller start ups. Whatever business you’re in, we’re here to clean up the busy day you’ve left behind.

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