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8 reasons why Australian companies are switching to Fiacon Property Services

Superior cleaning

You might assume that every cleaning company delivers the same service, but sadly, that’s not true. Many cleaning companies employ minimum wage, untrained staff who couldn’t care less about the appearance of your commercial space, or the safety, health and happiness of your employees. Faicon uses the latest products, techniques and a unique S.C.O.P.E methodology to ensure your requested  areas are cleaned to industry leading standards, at highly affordable rates.   

No middlemen

Sadly, many cleaning companies inflate their prices, so they can subcontract work to poorly trained, non—English speaking, uninsured, unreliable and underpaid workers who rush the job,  leaving you with a substandard clean. Fiacon is raising the bar. We provide highly skilled, insured, English speaking cleaners who take pride in their work and get paid accordingly. You get the clean you paid for, without having to hire a second cleaning company to finish the job.   

Efficient and affordable 

Our unique S.C.O.P.E method allows us to provide accurate quotes and deliver high quality cleaning, quickly and affordably. 

No contracts, ever. 

Unlike our competitors, we don’t lock you  into contracts, so we can get away with subpar cleaning. If you’re not 110% delighted with our standard of work, clear communication and highly affordable rates, you’re welcome to cancel at any time. No notice periods. No hidden fees. No hoops to jump through.

Clear communication 

Whether it’s an email, phone call or in—person visit, our English-speaking staff are excellent communicators. Plus, our documentation is fluff free, so you know exactly what you’re getting from day one. 

Dedicated support  

With a friendly team on standby at our head offices, plus an account manager in your state, you can rest assured, we’re here to make things run smoothly for you.

22 years experience 

We know what it takes to deliver excellent service and provide a superior clean for our clients. With 22 years of cleaning experience, we guarantee to keep your property clean, safe and welcoming for your staff, visitors and customers.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Get an affordable, speedy, safe and superior clean every time, or we’ll work for free until you’re happy. We haven’t had to honour this guarantee yet, but it’s there if you need it!

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Fiacon continues to work with some of the most reputable companies Australia wide, from household names to smaller start ups. Whatever business you’re in, we’re here to clean up the busy day you’ve left behind.


Fiacon’s unique S.C.O.P.E method is a process that allows us to accurately estimate costs before we start  work, and complete the job on time, to a very high standard, and at very competitive prices.

We listen closely to your requirements and combine our years of experience to provide an accurate timeframe for job completion.

This includes moving through your premises to carefully calculate time required and nature of cleaning for  each area or room, before reaching a total number of hours required.

Our cleaners know exactly how much time they have to complete each room or area, allowing us to clean your areas properly, on time, every time.

It’s easy to get started 

Call us today to arrange a site visit. We’ll meet with you to assess your property and take careful note of your requirements. As we move through your property, we’ll provide you with an accurate timeframe for each area, finishing with a total timeframe for the entire job completion. After this assessment, we’ll provide you with all necessarily paperwork and if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll schedule a time and day to clean  your property, as agreed.

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What type of cleaning do you provide? 

Fiacon can clean any commercial property, with a wide range of services including:

End of lease cleans

Regular cleaning

High pressure cleaning

Window cleaning

Venetian blind cleaning

Floors, driverways, carparks

Air vents

Graffiti removal

Carpet cleaning

Who can benefit from Fiacon’s commercial cleaning services? 

Fiacon deliver highly trained professionals to deliver cleaning services to all types of commercial properties, including:





Public areas


Industrial sites

Age care facilities

And many more


We provide professional commercial cleaning services Australia wide, in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

Plus 119 other businesses around Australia

Servicing 270 sites nationwide


Boral – 125 sites


CSR – 20 sites


ARC – 6 sites

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We spend most of our lives at our workplace. No wonder it needs regular cleaning! However, cheap cleaning companies can cost you more than you bargained for. If not cleaned properly, your work areas can become infested with bacteria, molds and allergens that could lead to illness, downtime and extended periods of sick leave for your staff.

By hiring Fiacon, you can rest assured than your commercial space is always clean, keeping your staff happy, healthy and more productive.

With a clean, well presented business, you’ll also create a great first impression, with an environment that encourages customers and clients to do business with you.

Contact us today to arrange a no—cost, no—obligation onsite visit, where we can assess your requirements and provide a transparent, competitive quote and accurate turnaround time for cleaning your commercial property.

Hear from some of our happy clients... 

"Fiacon Property Services started in our building with only one customer suite in early 2010. Today they are responsible for  the entire building, which we believe is the best testament to their ability to consistently meet our high standards.One of Falcon's strengths is their ability to keep issues to an absolute minimum and act quickly to resolve any problems that do  come up. In our experience, Fiacon is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations."

Richard Watson,
Company Name

"We appreciate your dedication to excellent service provided to our facility 7 days a week. Your team has been doing an excellent job, and we are pleased with their work. Your team meets my expectations, and I congratulate Fiacon Property Services for their commitment to  outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to hire an outside cleaning and maintenance service" 

Amanda James,
Company Name

"Thank you Fiacon for the professional cleaning services you provide. Your team did a wonderful job cleaning our office and we are so happy with the outcome of your work. We are glad that we selected Fiacon to do the job! Your team paid special attention to detail and I would recommend your work to anyone looking for a professional cleaning company. I look forward to a continued partnership, you have exceeded my expectations!I congratulate Fiacon for their commitment to service excellence."

Joe  Raso,
Company Name

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Call us today to arrange a site visit. We’ll meet with you to assess your property and take careful note of your requirements. As we move through your property, we’ll provide you with an accurate timeframe for each area, finishing with a total timeframe for the entire job completion.

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